Meet our Leadership Team

Wade L Mandin

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Executive board member

Thanh Nguyen

Board Member

Lawrence A. Smith

Port Advisory Specialist & Boarding

Magdalena Espinoza Condor

Human Development & Indigenous Affairs - Board Member

Rob Carol

Corporate Advisor

Our Commitment

At Oceano Verde, responsible mining is a company-wide commitment. We make this commitment with the firm belief that our mining activities can create sustainable prosperity as we manage our social, economic, and environmental impacts with our stakeholders’ interests in mind. This commitment is at the core of every business decision we make. We strive to create economic growth for all stakeholders throughout the life of an Oceano Verde mine and beyond.


Our Environment

As a mining company, we understand that our operations have an impact on the environment. Oceano Verde is proud to offer the most advanced technologies, and environmentally conscious and sustainable mining methods. These methods ensure our projects have a reduced environmental impact. Oceano Verde is constantly looking for new ways to preserve the delicate balance between the human process and the natural environment in which we operate. When a site has finished its lifecycle, restoring the mined land to a more natural condition is a top priority of our company.